What Are Double Agents?

Double agents are spies that work for both sides. They are notoriously difficult to catch. They can compromise military, industrial, and government strongholds in both nations with devastating consequences.


They can be tracked using clues left behind by eliminated players. They have access to their own special channel and can communicate with players marked with a spy icon on the head.


Double agents have long been popular dramatic characters in movies and video games. It’s an easy way to add an intriguing twist or two to a plot by making it so that heroes turn into villains or vice versa, depending on their alleg 광주흥신소 iance.

Metal Gear’s best known double agent is perhaps Liquid Snake himself, who started off working for both the Patriots and FOXHOUND before betraying Solidus in MGS5. But that’s only part of the story. He’s also played off the CIA as a GRU major and even used self-hypnosis and nanomachines to trick himself and other people, too.

The co-op campaign in Splinter Cell Conviction saw players take on the roles of Third Echelon agent Archer and VORON operative Kestrel as they worked together on various missions to secure Russian EMP warheads. In Double Agent, players take on the role of Operatives and Double Agents, with the former seeking to pinpoint the latter and eliminate them before they can cause any havoc.


Double agents can collect various loot from containers and air drops around the map. They can also gain access to special crates that contain unique weapons, including the Legendary Weapon Blueprints and the one-shot, on 광주흥신소 e-kill R1 Shadowhunter crossbow. This can help them stay ahead of the Investigator.

A double agent is a person who works for two intelligence agencies, often for different countries. They are able to provide their parent agency with valuable information while remaining loyal to the officer in charge. This can deceive the officer and throw him or her off the trail.

When an investigator suspects a double agent, he or she can mark the suspected player as “Wanted” on the in-game map. This can help investigators track down the mole before he or she can cause any more damage. To prevent this, investigators should try to avoid grouping up with double agents whenever possible. In addition, they should be mindful of their surroundings and should not open any suspicious containers. This way, they can keep their identity hidden and avoid being discovered by a fellow double agent.


Double agents can use their ability to plant and detonate bombs around the map, which can wipe out an entire team and disperse radiation in a large area. Using this and their other abilities, Double Agents can often steal the win from Investigators by luring them away with fake air drops or clues, then wiping them out and planting more bombs.

Like foreign penetration agents, or moles, a double agent works for an adversary intelligence agency while maintaining allegiance to their original service, feeding them false information. However, they also retain information that their other agency would find useful, and may be in a position to neutralize their enemy’s ambitions or to expose them.

A good example of a double agent is the German refugee Josef Garcia, who worked for MI5. He sent the Abwehr juicy bits of information, such as train timetables and English tourism pamphlets, and he even managed to fool the Germans into believing he was spying on their own country, thanks to a network of informants that included train schedules, tour guides, and hotel bookings.


Double agents can use clues to find their targets. Some of these clues are obvious, such as a target’s location or the type of equipment used to kill them. Others are more subtle, such as the presence of a specific weapon in an area.

Clues also can be used to reveal the agent’s true affiliation. For example, mole double agents often receive real, but useless, information from their parent agency to deceive the betrayed organization. This is a common tactic used to confuse the betrayed agency and keep the double agent’s true identity secret.

Double agents can be spotted by players using a special comms channel that appears in the chat window. They can be targeted in this way to sabotage their mission, but players must be careful not to accidentally talk to them on other comm channels or get caught up in their own hijinks. They also have access to Dead Drop Caches, powerful containers that contain items like Epic and Legendary weapon blueprints and the one-shot R1 Shadowhunter crossbow. These can be blown up or destroyed by Operatives and the Investigator.


Double agents are irresistible in literature because of their deception and ambiguous moral code. They can save or end lives, but they also have the ability to sabotage both sides of an operation. In real intelligence operations, true double agents are spies that have been “turned” and switched loyalties from one side to another. George Blake, for example, worked for Britain’s MI6 until he was captured by communist North Korea in 1950 and passed information to the KGB.

In Call of Duty: Double Agent, players need to communicate with each other frequently and relay clues. Each player has access to voice chat, but Double Agents have their own channel that allows them to communicate in private. They should avoid giving themselves away by speaking in public channels, and they should also make sure they aren’t talking to eliminated players. They can be tracked by pings that appear on the minimap and in-world, and the wise Double Agent will try to confuse Operatives and Investigators by staying close to other players. They can also get more helpful weapons, such as Trophy Systems, Stimshots, and Hand Cannons, by earning Scorestreaks from airdrops.